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ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
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Corporate Sponsorship in Qatar

Corporate Sponsorship in Qatar

To find a reliable corporate sponsor for your business in Qatar, contact

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The business environment in Qatar is so popular for its safety and opportunities. The economy of Qatar is progressing promisingly before the entrepreneurs and investors. Investing capital in a country like Qatar that shows astonishing economic growth would always reduce the risk of the investor. The policies of the Qatar government to maintain healthy competitions and an ethical business environment has transformed Qatar into one of the perfect countries to run the business.

If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur who strives to go beyond the boundaries and establish your business empire, Then Qatar provides wide opportunities to grow your business at an elevated pace.

Like every country, Qatar has also enacted certain rules and regulations in this regard.

Corporate sponsorship in Qatar is a term you would come across while you are going to start your business in the country as a foreigner. Qatar government has made it mandatory to have a Qatari individual sponsor for business or a corporate sponsorship in Qatar to incorporate a foreign company within the country. Here, by the term foreign company, it is meant that a company initiated in the interest of a non-Qatari individual. 

In other words, if you are a foreigner planning to start a business in Qatar. you can only hold up to 49% of the total share capital of the company and the rest of the 51% should be held by a Qatari individual or a 100% Qatari organization. 

However, the government has made certain exceptions to these rules but in general, to start a business in Qatar it is mandatory to have a Qatari sponsor for business or get a corporate sponsorship in Qatar.

The foreign entrepreneurs have the complete opportunity to choose whether they want a Qatari individual sponsor for business or to chose a corporate sponsorship in Qatar.

There are many advantages and privileges of choosing a local corporate sponsor instead of an individual sponsor. The foreign entrepreneur must choose the correct option in accordance with the business plan and market strategies.

At TrustLink, we offer corporate sponsorship services at an affordable price to foreign investors planning to establish their business in Qatar.

We have been chosen as the most reliable business consultant in Qatar when it comes to the matter of starting a business in Qatar as a foreigner.

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PHONE +97444335100

EMAIL    [email protected]

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