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In order to start a business in Qatar here, you need to pick the type of company you need to form. Here's a list of options you have in Qatar to form a new company
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What is the process of Trademark Registration in Qatar?

Do you have a brand or product that you want to register for trademark in Qatar? At TrustLink, we have a professional team of experts who can help you for Trademark Registration in Qatar. Call us at +974 44335100 or email us at [email protected] for details.

Trademark Registration in Qatar / Product Registration in Qatar

The Intellectual Property Protection Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the authority in Qatar accepting registrations for trademark from Individuals and Businesses in Qatar.

Comprising of words, names, designs, and logos, a trademark sets the very identity of a business house, for a distinct identity in the market. To make sure that the competitors do not take advantage of your products or services, trademark registration in Qatar is a must.

The government of Qatar also treats the trademark issue with gravity. You can rely on experts at TrustLink to help you go through the process of trademark registration. Also, we can assist you in designing a distinct trademark for your company.

Why is Trademark Registration Qatar Important?

If you are wondering why trademark registration in Qatar is vital before you start a business venture, let experts at TrustLink assist you. With this, you can enjoy protection from all the important trade-related departments of Government in Qatar.

The department of trade affairs of the Ministry Of Economy and Trade, Qatar takes special care of the trademarked companies. It protects them so that they do not have to go through the hassles of imitation infringement, unauthorized usage, product copying, and any other acts that can adversely impact the business outputs. The company with a trademark also enjoys protection against any hassle or intimidation from the giant corporations.

Documents Required:

  • Official extract of the commercial register belonging to the owner of the trademark requiring registration
  • Official certified authorization
  • Certified translation into Arabic, if the application for trademark registration includes terms or phrases written in a foreign language

Once the above documents are attached with the application form, and the fees are paid, the application will be entered in the database and later examined by a competent person. The decision is then given indicating whether the application has been accepted without conditions, with conditions or rejected.

TrustLink is a leading company in Qatar assisting individuals and companies for Trademark Registration in Qatar.

We can assist you for product registration in Qatar at an affordable price.

For any assistance, contact our experts,


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