USA Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Degree, Marriage, Birth | Degree, Marriage, Birth
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
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USA Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Degree, Marriage, Birth

USA Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Certificate Attestation for USA

For the fastest safest and affordable US certificate attestation in Qatar


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Qatar is a country with welcoming attitude towards expatriates. According to the statistics the number of expatriates in Qatar is steadily inclining every year. People emigrates to Qatar for different purposes such as continuing higher education, employment purpose, and many other. It is mandatory to produce certain certificates to prove your identity, educational qualification, etc to achieve your goal in Qatar.

Qatar is not a signatory to the Hague convention, therefore, to use a certificate of foreign origin in Qatar, it is mandatory to legalize the same in a prescribed manner by way of attestation. The government of Qatar portrays the manner in which the USA certificate shall be attested in Qatar.

Based on the issuing authority, the certificates are classified into educational certificates, non-educational certificates and commercial documents. The procedure of USA Certificate attestation in Qatar is as follows

  • State level Authentication – Secretary for the State
  • Verification and stamping from the Department of State
  • Legalization from the Qatar embassy in Washington
  • Stamping from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar

Even though the procedure for the legalization of USA certificate in Qatar is same for all the certificates, the supporting document required to legalize USA document in Qatar varies according to the type of document.

To legalize USA Educational certificate in Qatar the Documents required are;

  • The original educational certificate
  • Original transcript certificate or mark list
  • A verification letter from the university

It is to be noted that Qatar does not legalize the educational certificate procured through online mode of education.

To get Qatar attestation for USA non-educational certificates, the requisites are

  • The original certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant

To attest USA commercial document in Qatar only the original document is required as the substantiating file.

USA certificate attestation in Qatar is a crucial and laborious task in Qatar especially when you are new to the country. since the procedure to legalize USA document in Qatar is a little complex but it can be made simple by assigning TrustLink to complete the task for you.

We have the country’s best attestation experts in our team that includes expert legal professionals to take care of all the procedural hurdles that might come across while traying to attest USA certificate in Qatar. TrustLink guarantee the safety and confidentiality if your document and provides with options to track the live status of the document you hand over to us.

Even though we extend our services at a faster pace with utmost perfection all these premium quality services are available to you at an affordable fee.

Some of our document legalization services are

  • Degree certificate attestation for   
  • Diploma Certificate attestation for USA 
  • HSE Certificate attestation for USA 
  • SSLC certificate attestation for USA etc
  • Marriage certificate attestation for USA
  • Death certificate attestation for USA
  • Experience certificate attestation services for USA 
  • Divorce certificate attestation services for USA 
  • Transfer Certificate attestation services for USA 
  • Medical Certificate attestation services for USA
  • And Certificate attestation services for all the recognized USA certificates

To avail our services 


PHONE +97444335100

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