UK Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Degree, Marriage, Birth & more
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Certificate Attestation from UK

Fast and Affordable Attestation Services

Do you have a UK certificate that needs to be attested for Qatar? We can assist you in getting all the required legalizations and attestations from UK for Qatar Attestation. Call us at +97466332969 / 70303534 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

UK Degree Certificate Attestation for Qatar


Attestation Process:

    1. Solicitor Certification
    2. UK Apostille/ Foreign and Common Wealth Office (FCO) authentication
    3. Qatar Embassy in UK
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar

Documents Required:

    1. Original Certificate
    2. Final Transcript/Marksheet
    3. Bonafide Letter/Verification Letter from Institution confirming the below details
    • Name of University and Degree
    • Mode of Study (Regular, Full time, Online Degree, Distance Learning)
    • Place of Study and place of examination
    • Duration of Course (Year of start and end)
    1. Passport Copy

Note: Qatar does not accept degree completed in Distance Learning, Part time or Online mode


Bonafide Certificate Sample:

UK Marriage Certificate Attestation for Qatar / UK Birth Certificate Attestation for Qatar


Note: Only original certificates (birth and marriage) can be attested/legalized for Qatar. Copies of the documents cannot be attested.

Attestation Process:

    1. UK Apostille
    2. Qatar Embassy in UK
    3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar

Documents Required:

    1. Original Certificate
    2. Passport Copy


At TrustLink, we provide fast and affordable UK attestation services for various documents including Degree Certificates, Diploma Certificates, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Personal Documents and Business Documents.

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