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Register a 100% foreign ownership company in Qatar
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Register a company under Qatar Financial Center | 100% foreign ownership

Qatar Financial Center (QFC)

Are you planning to register a 100 % foreign company in Qatar Financial Center (QFC)? Our expert team of consultants at TrustLink can help you setup your business in Qatar with ease. Call us at +974 44335100 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation for QFC company registration in Qatar.


In case you want to start a business in Qatar for one of the activities not eligible for 100% foreign ownership under QFC, we can also help you register the company under MOCI with a reliable local Qatari sponsor. Click here to read more.

QFC, operated by the Qatar Financial Center Authority (QFCA) was initially started as a financial and business center to attract international financial institutions and other related entities to Qatar. But recently it has expanded its range of activities to include some services found in support of financial services businesses, Information Technology, Consulting and other Professional Services. There are mostly 2 types of categories of Activities that can be performed in the QFC namely the “Non-Regulated Activities” and “Regulated Activities”. In order to conduct these Permitted Activities, a legal presence has to be established by incorporating an LLC or LLP with QFC, or by registering a branch of a non- QFC legal entity.

The biggest advantage of setting up a company in QFC is that you can have a 100 % foreign owned company in Qatar without the need for a local Qatari Partner. Activities which cannot be performed in QFC include construction, the import, manufacture or sale of physical goods, and labour-intensive services. Companies providing such activities can nevertheless benefit from the QFC environment by establishing holding, investment or management structures within the QFC.

In case you need to register a company in the mainland for activities not eligible for 100% foreign ownership in Qatar, we can assist you with the LLC Company formation in Qatar, and even arrange a reliable local sponsor for company in Qatar.


Non-Regulated Activities in QFC

The non-regulated activities in QFC include the following:

  • Professional, corporate and Business services.
  • Activities involving company classification services and other grading services
    Ship broking and services of shipping agents
  • Activities involving Professional services including but not limited to Audit, Accounting, tax, consulting and legal services.
  • Business involving formation, provision, operation and administration of companies.
  • Business activities of company headquarters, management offices and treasury operations and general administration of companies.
  • Activities of Holding companies and the formation, provision and administration of trusts or similar arrangements of different kinds.

Professional and Business Services under Non-Regulated activities category can be further expanded into:

  • Advisory / Consulting
  • Audit / Accounting
  • Tax consulting
  • Human resources consulting
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Event management services
  • Public relations
  • Media
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media representation services
  • Legal services
  • Provision, formation, operation and administration of companies
  • Estate planning and will writing
  • Activities of patent and copyright agents
  • Business and professional education
  • Accreditation
  • Loss adjustment
  • Third party administration
  • IT consulting
  • Architectural activities
  • Engineering design activities for industrial process and production
  • Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities
  • Environmental consulting activities
  • Urban planning and landscape architectural activities
  • Logistics planning and consulting
  • Project management
  • Specialized design activities
  • Other business to business services.

Regulated Activities in QFC

These activities require an authorization from the QFC Regulatory Authority and are only allowed to conduct the particular Regulated Activity for which it is authorized. The regulated activities in QFC include the following:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Providing credit facilities
  • Dealing in Investment
  • Managing Investments
  • Deposit taking
  • Carrying out or effecting a contract of Insurance
  • Advising on Investments
  • Operating a collective investment fund
  • Arranging the provision of custody services

If you have any questions on whether your business idea is permitted in QFC, our professional team of consultants at TrustLink can provide a free consultation and assist you in setting up your company with QFC.

Why Choose TrustLink For QFC Registration

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing the best services offering Qatar Financial Center registration for your business. However, here are some for the reasons that make us one of the best choices for the Qatar Financial Center registration.

We Offer End-To-End Solutions: Our services include a holistic solution for your Qatar Financial Center registration requirements. Especially if you are a foreign national, and willing to set up a company in Qatar, handling all the formalities associated with a Qatar Financial Center registration would be difficult without expert intervention.

Extensive Experience: Our reputation is a result of years of seamless services as a Qatar Financial Center registration assistant.

Personalised Service: We, at TrustLink, make sure that every client receives individual attention, and the interest of one does not get mingled with the other.

Expertise At QFC Registration: Our team of experts take up every enterprise separately and run market research and analysis to understand the nature of the business properly post which, the Qatar Financial Center registration processes are done. We keep our clients first and make sure that they receive a transparent service from our end every time.


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