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In order to start a business in Qatar here, you need to pick the type of company you need to form. Here's a list of options you have in Qatar to form a new company
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Patent Registration Services in Qatar | Intellectual Property

Patent Registration Services in Qatar

For the best patent registration services in Qatar 


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A patent is an intangible intellectual property right offered for the people who invent something new. The idea or invention must be new and unique, useful for society, and potentially hold some commercial value to be patentable. Law no: 30 of 2006 is the law that governs Patents in Qatar. This law is also known as the Qatar Patent Law.

If you have invented something new or you want an exclusive title over an idea the only way to get such exclusive rights in Patent registration in Qatar. To register a patent in Qatar you have to submit the following documents before the authority.

  • Attested power of attorney from the consulate if the patent id of foreign relation
  • Technical description of the invention
  • Graphical description of the invention
  • Duly filled application form
  • Patent request
  • Identity card or passport of the inventor
  • Ownership transfer document if the applicant is not the inventor

The application for Patent registration can be done both online and offline. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the authority empowered to provide patent registration. All the patent registration is done for a limited period after that the patent is subjected to changes.

For patent registration in Qatar, an application shall be made to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. There it will be asked to provide all the personal details of the inventors and the preliminary details of the inventions. The patent obligation form and identity details shall be attached therewith. The application thus made shall include a complete specification of the invention and technical specialties. It must declare that the invention is new and unique. The specification must also express that the idea is practical, possess a commercial value, and would benefit society.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will verify your application and they may deny or approve the application. if the ministry approves the application the prescribed fee shall be paid to finalize the process of patent registration in Qatar.

The Patent registration services in Qatar rendered by TrustLink is the most searched Patent registration service on the internet. Convenience is the reason why people opt for us in this regard. TrustLink is a government-approved agency in Qatar that renders the best and authorized Patent Registration services.

By assigning us for the task you will experience the fastest patent registration services in Qatar at the most affordable service charges. The confidentiality of the document you hand over to us is our primary concern and guarantees it with utmost responsibility.

Get rid of all the technical formalities and assign TrustLink to register your patent in Qatar.


PHONE +97444335100

EMAIL    [email protected]

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