How to Start a Business in Qatar, Starting a Business Online in Qatar
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How to start an e-Commerce Online business in Qatar?

Do you have an idea for an e-Commerce / Online Business in Qatar? At TrustLink, we have a professional team of experts who can help you setup your e-Commerce business in Qatar. Call us at +974 66332969 / 70303534 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.


Why should I start an e-Commerce business in Qatar?

The e-Commerce segment in Qatar is still at an early stage and expected to grow from $1.2bn in 2017 to $3.2bn in 2020. Hence it is the right time to launch your e-Commerce business in Qatar. The current E-commerce penetration in Qatar is only 20% and so Qatar is a high potential market where a substantial growth is going to be witnessed in Online Segment. The Qatar economy has an advantage of high disposable income and connected community which is favorable environment for the growth and opportunity in the Online Business.

What are the important things to note when starting an online Business in Qatar?
    1. First and foremost, ensure that you are legally registered in Qatar to operate your Online Business without any problems. It is important to verify that you have added the “Trading through Internet” or “e-Commerce“ activity in your Commercial Registration before you start trading online. Without a legal entity, it is not possible to open a Bank Account in Qatar or import any products. Our expert consultants at TrustLink can help you with the legal procedures and paperwork. Contact us for a free consultation.
    2. The Ministry of Transport and Communication in Qatar has released a handy guide to be followed when doing any kind of online Business in Qatar (
    3. It is important to have a simple and catchy domain which suits your business. It is important to secure a .qa domain also as it gives you better credibility and in turn helps with the local SEO. Check to see if your .qa domain is available.
    4. Integrate a secure payment gateway such as QPAY ( and also install an ssl certificate so that your website is secure and trustworthy.
    5. Ensure that you have a fast, user-friendly website as it is your brand and identity. Hence give adequate attention to the UI/UX of the website. Also, make sure that your website is responsive i.e. it displays correctly on all screen sizes be it a PC, Mobile device, Tablet etc as users these days use various devices to search, review and purchase online.
    6. Create accounts on different social media platforms and spread the word about your Online Business as Qatar has a strong online community of people who connects, engages and makes purchases directly from Social media posts.

Our expert team of consultants has been helping entrepreneurs setup their businesses in Qatar with the right guidance and legal advice.

What is Theqa’s Trustmark?

According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Qatar, the country is showing enormous growth potential towards e-commerce. In regard to this fact, the government initiated a non-profit Theqa e-commerce trust mark programme, issuing MoTC Theqa certificate to the emerging and existing e-merchants to support the e-commerce sector, thereby bringing in trust and confidence in the mind of online customers.

Benefits of Theqa e-commerce Trustmark in Qatar
  • ATTRACTS NEW CUSTOMERS: With the Theqa badge display in the website, any e-commerce business is immediately verified as trustworthy, because of the Government’s approval and thus attracts the new customers to trade confidently with you.
  • SYMBOL OF SECURITY: Theqa registration increases data security and reduces the possible chances of risk.
  • A HIGHER NUMBER OF VISITORS: The remarkable search engine scores of Theqa enhances the online presence and exposure of the e-merchant which increases the number of visitors on the website. This gives the e-merchant an edge in the competition.
  • HIGH STANDARDS: The MoTC Theqa Certificate registration process ensures that the business meets the requirements of Qatar, which in turn make the business a high standard one.
  • INTERNATIONAL SALES: With a MoTC Theqa Certificate, the e-merchant enjoys the benefit of international recognition of Theqa, which opens a wider horizon of market possibilities.
  • LEGAL COMPLIANCES: Any Theqa registered e-merchant would have a clarity about the rules and regulations which makes it easy for the business to run smoothly without any legal hurdles.
Why TrustLink?

Theqa registration process is made perfect when it is done with a professional consultancy like TrustLink. For years, we have been assisting e-Commerce companies setup in Qatar, earning a huge number of happy and satisfied clients.

TrustLink being one of the most reliable consultants in Qatar, helps you in the Theqa registration process in the best possible way at an affordable fee. We value your time, hence our professional legal experts help you to get through the process at minimal time. The privacy and security of the data shared during the MoTC Theqa Certificate registration process are dealt with exceptional care. We provide you with every possible guideline right from the initial stage of filing the application until the registration process is completed. Our expert team will help you to overcome every hurdle in between the registration process, clarifying every legal procedure to be followed during the registration process to acquire Theqa E-Commerce trustmark in Qatar.

For assistance, contact our experts,


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