Marriage Certificate Attestation in Qatar
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Marriage Certificate Attestation Qatar

Marriage Certificate Attestation In Qatar


Are you thinking of moving/travelling to Qatar to settle down with your spouse? Marriage certificate attestation is a legal process that affirms the authenticity and originality of your marriage certificate. It acts as proof for the visa documents that marriage has happened. If you are a married foreign national willing to settle in Qatar, one of the document attestation processes that would be vital for you is the marriage certificate attestation in Qatar. TrustLink offers a plethora of services related to the attestation and apostille of the documents of various kinds.


Qatar is a popular Arab nation where millions of people visit/settle from across the globe. To get a family visa or to stay in Qatar with your spouse, marriage certificate attestation is necessary.


Our services are at par with the international standards, and we ensure to make your document attestation tasks easier. Though, our gamut of services includes several other document attestation services, marriage certificate attestation in Qatar is one of the areas we specialize in. The market reputation we hold in this service, in particular, rests on the positive feedback of our earlier clients.


Steps for Marriage Certificate Attestation In Qatar


Any country issues a marriage certificate to the couple getting married. If you are planning to shift to Qatar with your spouse and family, you need to get your marriage certificate attested. The marriage certificate attestation process involves four broad steps, as mentioned below.


  • Notary Attestation: The state and district level notary attestation departments can attest your documents for the first round. This process does not take much time, and within a short while, your certificate gets its authenticity proof. However, producing your original certificate is a must.
  • HRD attestation: The state-level authorities generally take care of this process. Once your visa requirements get verified, your certificate receives the HRD attestation clearance.
  • MEA attestation: After getting the seal from the state-level authorities, the certificate goes for the central level verification. The Ministry of External Affairs issues the third level attestation.
  • Embassy Attestation: This is the last and the final stage where the certificate gets attested by the Embassy.


For marriage certificate attestation, you need to keep some of the essential documents like the passport of your spouse, childbirth certificate, salary certificates, etc., available. You need to produce your passport copy and original marriage certificate for getting this attestation.


Time taken for Attestation


Generally, the marriage certificate attestation in Qatar is a time-consuming step-wise process with several steps of complicated processing. However, experts at TrustLink can handle the attestation process of marriage certificates easily. We make sure to offer you a smooth experience and commit timely delivery for the same.

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