Legal Contract Drafting in Qatar | Agreement Preparation
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
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Legal Contract Drafting in Qatar | Agreement Preparation

Legal Contract Drafting in Qatar

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Every contract is an agreement made by the concerned and competent parties with their free consent. The terms and conditions of each contract can be decided by the contracting parties; however, the terms and conditions are subjected not to be in contravention with any statutory law in the country.

Law no 22 of 2004 which is termed to be Civil code is the statute with respect to contracting laws in Qatar. The code contains clear directions suggestions and advice that has to be followed while drafting a legal contract.

Since the number of business transactions has enormously increased in the modern world it is always advised to keep it documented to avoid future chaos. A well-drafted legal contract not only defines the kind of business transactions or creates contractual obligations but also acts as a piece of evidence if any kind of dispute arises in the future. Therefore, it requires a high degree of knowledge, experience, and care to draft a legal document without any flaw. 

A poorly drafted legal contract may cost you huge losses since most of the document involves a huge amount of money.

Legal contracts are of different types, some are:

  • Employment contracts
  • Power of attorney
  • Partnership contract
  • Contract to witness loans
  • Independent contractors’ agreement
  • Stake holders’ contract
  • Shareholder’s contract
  • Operating agreement
  • Lease/Mortgage agreement
  • Sale deed
  • Non-Disclosure agreement
  • Dispute resolution agreement Etc

Irrespective of the type of contract it is a commonly agreed fact that every contract must be drafted without any flaw and following the provisions of the governing law. So, it is mandatory that the person drafting the contract must have deep knowledge of the existing laws of the country. it is not practical to expect that all the individuals and institutions entering into a contract should have in-depth knowledge of contract law. Understanding this need of the country TrustLink, the most trusted organization in Qatar has developed a team of lawyers who are well qualified and experienced to provide you with Legal contract drafting services in Qatar. We rightly identify the needs of our clients and convey them most accurately and systematically through the contracts.

TrustLink is and government-certified organization in Qatar that completes all the works to international standards with high quality and precision. All the premium services of TrustLink are extended to the clients offered in the most affordable pricing and we give high priority to complete the task of legal contract drafting in Qatar in the fastest time frame with perfection. We extend Legal contract drafting services in Qatar to both individuals as well as organizations.

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PHONE +97466332969/70303534 

EMAIL    [email protected]

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