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In order to start a business in Qatar here, you need to pick the type of company you need to form. Here's a list of options you have in Qatar to form a new company
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Intellectual Property Services in Qatar

Intellectual Property Services in Qatar

To register trademarks, patents, and copyrights in Qatar,


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Intellectual property rights are those rights available for an individual for their thoughts, ideas, and other intangible prized possessions of an individual that has a commercial value. In the faster developing modern era Ideas and inventions of the people is more precious than other tangible objects. There are laws to safeguard the intellectual properties of people in almost all countries. In Qatar, there are laws that enable an individual to register, Trade Mark, Copyright, domain name, etc to get exclusive rights on their brand logo, name, artistic expression, website name, etc.

What are intellectual property rights?

  • Trademark: There is a multitude of reputed brands in Qatar that offers their services. But some competitors in every industry sell a lower quality product at a lesser price with fraudulent intentions. To avoid this every brand keeps its brand name and logo registered in a prescribed manner. This process of Registration is known as trademark registration. These trademarks help the consumers to differentiate and identify the right brand from the low-quality products. Trademark registration in Qatar is one of the inevitable processes that need to be followed while trying to establish your brand in Qatar
  • Design: Not only the trademarks but you can also have exclusive rights on some designs that you make for commercial use. By the word designs, it means, Logos, Machinery designs, Industrial design, IC designs, etc.
  • Domain name: If your business is advanced enough to expand its territories to cyberspace then you must have a website of your own. The domain name of your website shall be similar to that business name, and this shall be registered too. 
  • Copy right: copyrights are generally provided to artistic and literary works like, Music, cinema, video, Drama, Poetries, Stories, Articles, Books, etc. an individual or an organization can hold the copyright of a work, by which only that person will get the rights to sell and rent the publication of such art or literary work.
  • Patents: these are legal rights available on certain inventions.

The aforementioned are the different kinds of intellectual property rights. There are certain laws that recognize and govern these rights in Qatar. They are;

  • Law No: 9 of 2002
  • Law No 25 of 1995
  • Law no 30 of 2006
  • Law no 10 of 2020, etc


Trademark registration in Qatar

  • Attested Power of attorney
  • Commercial registration 
  • And other documents validated and requested by the authorities.

Design registration in Qatar

  • Documents describing the technicalities of design
  • Details of the business that acquires commercial benefit from the design
  • Details of the home registration
  • Title of the design

Domain name registration in Qatar

  • Attested Power of attorney
  • Duly filled application form
  • Request letter

Copyright registration in Qatar

  • Details of the claimant/creator
  • Copies of the subject matter
  • Declaration of ownership
  • Approval letter from the ministry 
  • And other documents that the authority may think fit.

The documents required for patency registration are also different from these. 

It may be found that there are multiple documents required and offices involved in Intellectual property services in Qatar. somebody who has gone through the process will always advise you to get the assistance of an expert agency to get the job done easily.

TrustLink is the most trusted agency to provide intellectual property registration services in Qatar. We have well-qualified professionals from different disciplines like Law, Engineering, Arts, Management, etc to provide you the best intellectual property rights registration services in Qatar. all you have to do is to contact us through the below-mentioned number or email and assign us for your need and we will take care of the rest.


PHONE +97444335100

EMAIL    [email protected]

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