How to obtain ICV Certification in Qatar? - Tawteen In-Country Value
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
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How to obtain ICV Certification in Qatar?

At TrustLink, we have a professional team of consultants who can assist you with ICV Certification in Qatar. Email us at [email protected] or call us at +97466332969 / 70303534 for more details.


What is In-Country Value (ICV)?ICV-Certification-in-Qatar

The In-Country Value (ICV) is a policy that sets out ways of working which will help contribute to sustainable economic growth of the Energy Sector and promote GDP diversification in the state of Qatar. A body called Tawteen, which is led by Qatar Petroleum (QP) oversees ICV.

The total spends retained in country that benefits Business development, contributes to human capability development and productivity adds to the ICV Score. This is an essential pillar of Qatar’s localization efforts and will support the country in becoming globally competitive.

The ICV will help Qatar to continue reducing reliance on imported goods and services, building capabilities of the local population, and attracting investment to Qatar.

What is ICV Certification in Qatar?

Under the ICV program, suppliers are required to submit their ICV scorecard and/or ICV plan submission templates which are to be certified by Qatar Petroleum-approved, independent, ICV certifiers. ICV certifiers include Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Rodl & Partner as well as numerous other certifiers.

This is required to ensure the information provided by suppliers is calculated according to the methodologies and the ICV contribution is accurate. The main responsibilities of the certifier include performing test procedures and review information provided by suppliers, issue ICV Certificates, attend bi-weekly meetings and provide access to Tawteen to review working papers.

Click here for more information about ICV Certification in Qatar.

What are the steps for obtaining an ICV Certificate in Qatar?

The ICV Scorecard and plan has to be certified by a Tawteen approved ICV Certifier in Qatar.

Following are the steps to obtain an ICV Certificate in Qatar:

    1. Supplier submits a filled ICV Scorecard/Plan template to ICV Certifier
    2. ICV Certifier performs testing procedures against supporting documentation
    3. ICV Certifier issues the ICV Certificate
    4. Energy companies leverage the certified ICV Score in the procurement process

Why do we need ICV Certification in Qatar?

    1. To ensure integrity of the information provided by suppliers in terms of ICV Contribution.
    2. To ensure suppliers’ ICV scores are evidence-based and calculated according to the pre-defined methodologies.

What is an ICV Certifier in Qatar?

There are independent third-party bodies that are appointed by Tawteen to validate and certify the ICV Scorecards and plans submitted by supplier. Their main responsibilities are to:

    1. Perform test procedures and review information provided by suppliers
    2. Issue Factual Finding Reports, which include the ICV Certificates
    3. Attend and contribute to the ICV Certifiers panel bi-weekly meetings
    4. Provide access to Tawteen to review working papers

How can ICV Certification in Qatar help the Suppliers?

The ICV Policy impacts the tendering and awarding process, where suppliers and contractors who are contributing to the local economy will acquire a commercial advantage.

Suppliers should expect ICV in Qatar to impact three key areas of the procurement process:

    1. Supplier onboarding
      Suppliers will be requested to provide their certified ICV scorecard as part of the registration process and will need to re-certify and update their scorecard on an annual basis
    2. Tendering
      ICV plays a role in the selection of the winning bidder based upon the ICV scorecard or the ICV plan
    3. Contract Review
      There are two reviews during the execution of the contract, one review undertaken during the middle of the contract and a final review of the ICV plan at the end of the contract

The bidding process and evaluation is based on technical, commercial and ICV evaluation criteria. Compliance to the ICV requirements in the procurement process is crucial.

How can TrustLink assist with ICV Certification in Qatar?

TrustLink can assist with ICV certifications for companies in Qatar. For more details, please speak to our consultants on +974 66332969 / 70303534 or email [email protected].


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