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HR Services in Qatar, Payroll Services in Qatar
HR Services in Qatar, Payroll Services in Qatar
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HR and Payroll Services in Qatar

HR and Payroll Services in Qatar

At TrustLink, we offer a wide range of HR and Payroll services which allows you to focus on your core business while we ensure that you are compliant with the Qatari labor laws. We ensure that all your employees have the required visas and work permits to work legally in Qatar. We can also handle all the attestations, translations, renewals and other PRO Services in Qatar which are required on a regular basis.


Introduction to WPS:

WPS which is short for Wages Protection System, is a comprehensive electronic system to track and monitor the processing of employee’s salaries at companies subject to Labor Law No. (14) of 2004, with the aim of ensuring that employers are committed to systematically processing wage payments in a timely manner pursuant to the rules and conditions provided for in the Labor Law. TrustLink can assist you with the below Payroll Services in Qatar.

    1. WPS and QPay registration assistance
    2. Payroll processing and management

General objectives of WPS:

  • Protecting workers against manipulation of their financial dues.
  • Enhancing security and stability in the country by providing a safe working environment.
  • Promoting the principle of human rights in the State of Qatar.
  • Allowing workers and employers to avoid storing cash at the workplace, which may be subject to loss or theft.
  • Enabling the Ministry of Labor to continuously review employee-related data and to compare it with the ministry’s data to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Labor Law.
  • Reducing legal disputes between parties as well as wasted effort and time.
  • Assisting the judiciary in issuing judgments and resolving disputes related to workers’ entitlements.

Penalties for violation:

Any employer who violates the provisions in relation to the payment of wages shall be punished by imprisonment of no more than one month or a fine no more than QR.6000 and not less than QR.2000. All the companies operating in the State of Qatar shall comply with the WPS regular and otherwise suspended from performing any Ministry related activities including visa application, work permits and renewal of computer card. The block can be removed by submitting a request with the proof of settlement of pending salaries.

HR Services in Qatar

Below are some of the HR Services that we offer at TrustLink.

    1. Assist implementation of HR Management systems
    2. HR Audit Services
    3. Preparing HR Manuals and Employee Handbooks
    4. Employee Recruitment and Staffing

Why TrustLink?

At TrustLink, we offer prompt services for HR and Payroll outsourcing in Qatar for SMEs. Call us at +974 66332969 / 70303534 or email us at [email protected] for more details regarding our HR and Payroll Services.


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