How to attest certificates in Qatar in 2024? | Degree, Marriage, Birth
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
ICV Certification in Qatar, In Country Value in Qatar, Tawteen ICV Certification Qatar
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How to attest certificates in Qatar in 2024?

How to Attest Certificates in Qatar in 2021?

If you are looking for document legalization services in Qatar


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Before knowing “how to attest certificate in Qatar” it is necessary to know that “why to attest certificate in Qatar”

Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the alluring developments in the commercial background of the country has always attracted foreigners to invest in Qatar. Qatar welcomes immigrants wholeheartedly but there are certain laws enacted in Qatar to avoid malpractices and thereby ensure social welfare.

There exist a humongous number of expatriates in Qatar settled for various reasons. To comply with the legal requisites and for many other purposes, it is necessary to produce several certificates before the concerned authority. This may be done for employment purposes, continue higher education in Qatar, Visa related needs, commercial needs, etc.

Qatar does not accept foreign certificates that are not legalized in a prescribed manner. In the past days the forging of certificates was a widely conducted malpractice in Qatar it is to avoid this and to ensure the authenticity of the foreign document The Government of Qatar asks for the attestation of the certificate. An attested/Legalized/Authenticated foreign document is admissible in every office and authorities in Qatar.

As per the rules prescribed by the Government, the procedure of certificate legalization in Qatar includes;

  • Notarization from the Home country
  • Attestation from the Department of Foreign affairs in the home country
  • Verification from the Qatar embassy in the Home country
  • Procuring stamping from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar

Certificate attestation is a crucial process when you are trying to settle down in Qatar, since it involves authorities and offices in both your homeland and Qatar, it may turn into an extra burden for you.

Don’t worry, this is where TrustLink steps in to help you.

TrustLink is an ISO certified agency that helps you to get certificate apostille for Qatar. we have assembled a team of attestation experts to render the best certificate legalization services in Qatar. we have been rendering our services for more than a decade and we know the possible hurdles that may come across while trying to legalize a document in Qatar and solves it with perfection.

With our worldwide network we are able to render our services of document legalization in Qatar for all the countries around the globe.

Reliability is our uniqueness; we render all our services professionally and authentically. This policy has made us the most recommended office in Qatar for Certificate attestation.

We render Document legalization services for educational documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents, our document attestation services are delivered to

  • Degree certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Trade license
  • Commercial registration
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Power of attorney, etc

The documents required to attest certificates in Qatar varies according to the nature of the certificate and purpose of attestation to know what all documents are required to attest your certificate in Qatar


PHONE +97444335100

EMAIL    [email protected]

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