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things to know before starting a business
things to know before starting a business
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Business Incubators in Qatar

Business Incubators in Qatar

At TrustLink, we have a professional team of consultants ready to assist you in setting up new ventures in Qatar. Call us at +97444335100 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation. Below are some of the available business incubators in Qatar.


Qatar is home to a number of incubators, which mainly aim to promote a culture of innovation culture and bolster creativity among entrepreneurs in order to transform business initiatives into productive projects in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Incubators provide startups with a variety of services that meet their needs including a place to establish the project in addition to consultancy services, office supplies and connectivity to business institutions and stakeholders. These services contribute to the establishment of an environment that supports the growth of businesses, enhancing their competitiveness and expanding their market activities during the incubation period.

Qatar Business Incubation Center

Qatar Business Incubation Center is the largest business incubator in the Middle East spanning across 20.000 m2 in the New Industrial Zone. The incubator is the first to be established in Qatar by QDB, Social Development Center and Qatar Projects Management. It aims to support entrepreneurs and startups and promote entrepreneurship across Qatar.

Qatar Business Incubation Center enables entrepreneurs and business owners to launch and support the development of companies through communication and investment in addition to providing a work space for a new success story in Qatar.

To achieve this goal, the incubation center seeks to develop Qatari companies by promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship and work ethics and helping the upcoming generation of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, in addition to incorporating and developing companies in Qatar.

Digital Incubation Center (Ministry of Transport and Communications)

Digital Incubation Center was created by Ministry of Transport and Communications to boost innovation in the State of Qatar, particularly among promising businessmen at the early stages of starting or growing a technology-related business.

The Digital Incubation Center is looking for entrepreneurs capable of harnessing emerging technologies to create innovative products, solutions, or services that will contribute to Qatar’s digital economy. The center is particularly interested in entrepreneurs who are working with emerging technologies—such as; smart cities applications and solutions, cloud computing, internet of things, robotics, Machine to Machine, big data and analytics, predictive analysis, cyber-security, mobility and wearable digital solutions, e-commerce, and communication services – in major sectors of Qatar’s economy. `

QBIC Tourism

Qatar Tourism Authority, in cooperation with QDB, has launched QBIC Tourism, a specialized incubator for tourism start-ups. QBIC Tourism enables SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop products and services that enhance the Qatar tourism experience by providing them with business development tools, seed funding and access to guidance from QTA decision-makers.

QBIC Tourism supports Qatar-based entrepreneurs with tourism-related business ideas, particularly in priority areas such as business events, urban and family entertainment, sports and recreational activities or culture and heritage.

Business Incubation at Qatar University

The Business Incubator at Qatar University offers high quality education and personal coaching by professional trainers, in addition to  a network of fellow entrepreneurs, incubation space, and access to funding.

Qatar Science & Technology Park

Qatar Science & Technology Park, a member of Qatar Foundation, spanning 45,000 m2 was opened in Mid-March 2009.

Qatar Science & Technology Park is considered a part of research and development center at Qatar Foundation and the main incubation platform for the development of tech businesses in Qatar. The park fosters an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Qatar that works to accelerate commercialization of market-ready technologies and promote research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Qatar Science & Technology Park focuses on four core areas, in accordance with Qatar National Research Strategy declared in 2012; energy, environment, health sciences and ICT.

It is primarily distinctive for its concerted efforts in terms of business financing, consolidating intellectual property, enhancing technology management skills, and developing innovative products.

These are some of the Business Incubators in Qatar. Call us at +974 44335100 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation with our expert Business advisors to start your business in Qatar.


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