How to setup a Branch office in Qatar? | Free Consultation
We can help setup a branch office in Qatar without any hassles.
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How to setup a Branch office in Qatar?

Are you looking to setup a branch office in Qatar? Our team of professional consultants at TrustLink can help you register a branch office in Qatar. For a free consultation, email us at [email protected] or call us at +974 44335100.


What is a branch office?

A foreign company can have a branch office in Qatar to execute a specific government or quasi government contract. The contract must however “facilitate the performance of a public service or utility”.

A local partner is not required in this case and can be wholly owned by the foreign company. There are also no share capital requirements for a branch office in Qatar, but they are however fully taxable unless granted a special exemption.

Documents required for branch office:

    1. Articles of Association of the parent company
    2. Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company
    3. Board Resolution to open branch office.
    4. Power of attorney to authorize the representative to sign on behalf of the parent company.

The above documents need to be notarized and legalized from the Qatar Embassy in the respective country. If the documents are not in Arabic, they should also be translated to Arabic by a certified translation company in Qatar. We shall also assist with the legalization and translation of the documents if required.

Why TrustLink?

To setup a branch office requires a set of procedures starting with getting the approval for the awarded contract from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is then followed by the Chamber of Commerce registration, Commercial Registration, Tax registration, Trade License, Computer card, Labor registration etc. This requires the assistance of a reliable and expert consultant like TrustLink. We ensure that the full process is completed within the minimum time and all required documentation is completed to avoid any fines.

If you are thinking of setting up a branch office in Qatar, contact us for a free consultation.


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